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Paramo Recycling Scheme

If you no longer need your Páramo clothing, we'll take it back.

Páramo is always looking for the path of least environmental impact. The Páramo Recycling Scheme is our way of providing a safe route for disposal of unwanted garments.

We'll take back any Páramo product (except underwear), and either find it a new home, or recycle it into new fabric. As a reward for your effort in getting old gear back to us, you can expect a generous discount on new Páramo products.

Up to £50 off your next purchase!

For maximum environmental benefit we need as many Páramo garments to be diverted from landfill as possible. That's why we're offering a reward for every old Páramo garment that we receive. If you return a garment labelled Nikwax Analogy, we'll give you a £50 discount on a new item worth more than £125 RRP. For any other Páramo garment you'll get a £10 discount on a new item worth more than £25 RRP.

Why recycle Polyester?

Recycling reduces the need for landfill…

By recycling polyester, we divert it from the main alternative which is to bury it at landfill sites. Creating new landfill sites is becoming increasingly difficult to do without destroying areas of natural habitat and aesthetic beauty. The less polyester we send to landfill, the less we have to dig up the countryside.

Recycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions…

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas, and as such a driver of climate change. There are two ways in which recycling polyester can reduce CO2 emissions. Firstly, it eliminates the risk of the fabric being incinerated as a means of disposal, which would release the carbon locked up in the material. Secondly, it requires less energy to recycle polyester than is required to replace it with virgin polyester made from scratch. Most of the energy used in industry still comes from burning fossil fuels, so a saving in energy means a saving in CO2 emissions.

Recycling reduces the demand for extraction of raw materials…

The raw material used to make polyester is crude oil. Extracting oil from the ground is a dirty business, laden with environmental and social risks. By recycling polyester, we conserve the material we've already extracted and help reduce the need for more drilling.

How to participate

Recycling your old Páramo garments is easy. Just bring your garment into the C-N-Do Scotland store at 33 Stirling Enterprise Park, Springbank Road, Stirling FK77RP. Call 01786 445703 to check for opening times.